Custom Drains

Infinity Drain offers a variety of customized solutions to fit your exact specification.

Next Day Custom Program
Complete Custom Fabrication
Specialty Finish Collection

Next Day Custom Program

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Infinity Drain’s Next Day Custom program is the first of its kind to make perfect linear drain wall-to-wall installation a reality–without the wait.

  • Installation Types: Installation types: Fixed (FX), Fixed Flange (FF), Flange with Schluter Kerdi (FCS), and Double Waterproofing (FCB)
  • Styles: Wedge Wire, Offset Slotted, Tile Insert Frame
  • Finishes: Satin Stainless, Polished Stainless, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Stainless, and Matte Black
  • Length of linear drain systems up to 96″
  • Outlet placement
  • Multiple outlets

Complete Custom Fabrication

Infinity Drain factory worker welding a pipe

Whether it’s one drain or hundreds of drains, we make everything to your specification from the grate and finish to the waterproofing and outlet. The options are infinite! What can we make for you?

  • Installation types: Fixed (FX), Fixed Flange (FF), Side Outlet (FT), Flange with Schluter® Kerdi (FCS), and Double Waterproofing (FCB)
  • Length of linear drain systems up to 300″
  • Outlet placement
  • Multiple outlets
  • Shapes and configurations (please send drawing for quotation)
  • Angle joiners for stainless steel Site Sizeable (S) channels
  • Linear grates will be made 1/8” shorter than specified custom length to allow for removal
  • FX Series custom length is based on the entire grate and channel assembly
  • FF, FT, FCS, and FCB Series custom length is based on inside channel dimension
  • 1/8” tolerance on custom fabricated products
  • Completed custom sheet must accompany purchase order from an authorized dealer

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