Our Story
Made in the USA

Our Story

For over a decade, Infinity Drain has established itself as a leader in design-centric decorative shower drains with a reputation of unsurpassed quality. From hand polishing decorative grates to custom fabrication – all at the exacting specifications of customers, Infinity Drain offers the broadest selection of decorative choices and installation options. Its award-winning designs and innovations, including the Site Sizable® linear drain, continue to shape barrier-free bathroom design. For commercial and residential applications, Infinity Drain is revolutionizing shower installation with its completely waterproof Stainless Steel Shower Base backed by an original owner lifetime guarantee against waterproofing failure. Infinity Drain products are proudly fabricated in Long Island, NY, USA.

Infinity Drain factory

Made in the USA

Infinity Drain products are proudly fabricated in Long Island, NY, U.S.A. Our entire team of engineers, product managers and manufacturing team members are centralized in one facility to ensure quality of execution and rapid turnaround – from concept to completion. We take pride in combining modern manufacturing practices along with proven artisan techniques honed over decades of working with decorative plumbing accessories. Every piece is carefully inspected by hand before it makes its way to a customer.

Award-Winning Design

Infinity Design has a long heritage of award-winning product design. Advancing barrier-free drainage solutions and technologies for bathroom design is embedded deep in our brand DNA. And while we’re thrilled that prestigious design contests recognize the innovation and beauty of our solutions, we also work tirelessly to protect against knock-offs by winning patents for our proprietary products. In 2020, Infinity Drain was awarded 2 design patents and 1 utility patent, and we have two patents pending for our latest product launches.

Patents Awarded in 2020

Design Patent PAT# D874618 for the Weave Pattern.

Design Patent PAT# D890307 for the Semi-Round Drain Body (Compact Clamping Floor Drain).

Utility Patent PAT# 10724225 for the Semi-Round Drain Body (Compact Clamping Floor Drain).

Award-winning design
Infinity Drain Donating Meals

Building Community

As a pioneer in architectural and decorative drain solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications, Infinity Drain has deep roots in the local New York community where our innovative products are made. Our dedication to making a positive impact extends well beyond the products we create and, by founding and operating Mission Belly Full, we are not only contributing to the well-being of the communities we serve, but also actively participating in the fight against food insecurity. With Mission Belly Full, we foster a sense of togetherness and empowerment, inspiring others to join the cause and help ensure that every belly is full, every day. Through our corporate kitchens, Mission Belly Full and Infinity Drain prepare roughly 600 meals per week for churches, homeless shelters, food pantries and veterans since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and continue our ongoing efforts to make life better by design. To learn more visit https://missionbellyfull.org/.

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