Custom Stainless Steel Shower Base

One Piece Custom Stainless Steel Shower Base with Integral Drain

  • Lifetime guarantee against waterproofing failure.
  • 304L 16 Gauge Stainless Steel.
  • Ability to install and flood test same day.
  • Ensures exact wall-to-wall and flush against the wall installation.
  • Available with curb or barrier-free (curbless).
  • Includes integrated drain and decorative grate
  • Drains are available in multiple styles and finishes.


Lifetime Guarantee

Covers labor, removal, replacement and restoration.

The Install Process

1. Stainless Steel Shower Base – Arrives factory flood tested with a Lifetime Guarantee. The base is ready to install and features an integral drain, pre-sloped floor, and is coated with surface primer for tile installation.

2. Stainless Steel Shower Base with Framing – The base is adhered to the subfloor, leveled and attached to the plumbing. Framing is completed around the shower base or the shower base is placed into a preexisting framed space then secured directly to the framing.

3. Walls and Waterproofing – Appropriate backerboard is mounted to the framing and seated on the flange of the shower base. Liquid or fabric waterproofing is applied over the backerboard down to the shower base.

4. Finishing – Natural stone, glass, porcelain, or ceramic tile are applied to the walls and shower base.

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