Hair Maintenance Kits

Hair Happens! Every Infinity Drain product includes a luxurious zippered pouch to conveniently hold the Hair Maintenance Kit. The kit comes complete with easy to follow care & use instructions and a comfort coated lift-out key designed to easily remove, clean and replace the drain’s decorative grate. Infinity Drain’s patent pending cylindrical hair basket keeps your drain clog-free longer.

Note: All drain complete kits include a user guide and lift-out key. Some drain designs do not allow access for a hair basket or strainer.


  • A variety of hair catchers and lift-out keys fit the specifications of Infinity Drain’s extensive product offering.
  • The Hair Maintenance Kit and Baskets are sourced and made in the United States.
  • Included with every Infinity Drain at no extra charge. Bought separately, the kit retails for $20 and are available through authorized dealers.

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