Fall is in the air!

As the days become shorter and warm summer evenings transition to crisp autumn nights, we anticipate a shift in the materials, fixtures, finishes and accessories incorporated in architectural and interior design.

Embrace the season of change with us as we navigate the upcoming trends in bathroom design that are sure to keep your space cozy well into the winter months:

Neutral and Warm Color Palette

Inspired by the hues that define the autumnal equinox, this season’s trending color scheme is highlighted by strong gold, ocher and dark neutral tones. This rich array of shades elicits feelings of warmth and blanket interiors with a cozy atmosphere.

We invite designers and homeowners to bring this savory color palette into the bathroom and shower with our center and linear drains available in finishes like Matte Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Bronze.

Substantial Elements of Nature

While 2020 was all about introducing biophilic design, 2021 is upping the ante of this top trend with large-scale detail.

This year, features such as shower gardens, living walls and surfaces crafted with organic-inspired material come into play. While small household plants were once enough to cure the craving for a connection with nature in the colder months, homeowners are now looking for an immersive experience to cultivate a relationship with mother nature and the great outdoors this time of year.

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Lifestyle Enhancing Fixtures

When decorating the bathroom, it’s important to pay close attention to the details, specifically when focusing on fixtures that improve day-to-day activities.

Large mirrors with ample backlighting serve a great purpose when getting ready for the day ahead or winding down for bed in the hazy fall evening hours. Heated amenities such as floors and towel bars are a great way keep warm after a long relaxing shower or bath. Our Next Day Custom linear drains become the perfect solution for outfitting your wet room, shower or bathing area with a stylish tailor-made drainage solution that not only protects the integrity of dry areas but elevates the flooring material selection.

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Geometric Tendencies

Multilateral shapes and unique sequences are making their way back into interior design thanks to the resurgence of art deco details. One of the most popular ways to incorporate geometrics into the bathroom is with a fun and whimsical tile selection.

However, for those looking to dip their toes into this statement style, we offer an extensive line of grate selections for both linear and center drains. From tessellating squares to alternating triangles and every pattern in between, each option creates a subtle layer of interest and dynamism across the bathroom floor.

Spa Worthy Soaking Tubs

The desire to create a sanctuary fit for rest and relaxation has only increased as homeowners spend more time at home. This notion has made deep freestanding tubs a MUST this season. While a separate tub and shower space is the most requested layout according to Better Homes & Gardens an enclosed shower and tub combination comes in at a close second.

For these floor plans, it is imperative to install a drainage system free of barriers, curbs and any potential tripping hazards. Our Low Profile Site Sizable® linear drains are a great option for reducing the floor height needed to keep floors and other surfaces dry while enhancing the open concept needed for this design.

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