Recently, bathrooms have become one of the most regarded rooms of the home when it comes to interior design. With so many elements to consider, their versatility in function and style is a large part of what makes bathroom design so exciting!

There’s always a surprising number of decisions to make, and one of the most important may arguably be the shower drain selection.

From clean lines and symmetrical patterns to geometric details and whimsical motifs, Infinity Drain offers an extensive line of linear drain grate styles that are sure to make a statement in the shower:


Wedge Wire

Clean lines and an elegant horizontal parallel pattern define the classic look of the Wedge Wire grate style. With a perfectly smooth surface that is soft to the touch, this grate style has established itself as an essential element in contemporary design.


Tile Insert Frame

The Tile In linear drain elevates bathrooms, laundry rooms and wet spaces, taking tile style to a whole new level. The grate of the drain can be tiled to disguise itself as part of the floor for a sleek uninterrupted look or paired with contrasting pieces for added interest.


Marc Newson

Featuring a tessellating pattern of multilateral shapes, the Marc Newson line of linear drains plays a vital role in creating zen-like environments. Designed in collaboration with renowned Australian designer, Marc Newson, this geometrical look instantly lights up showers with positive energy.


Offset Oval

Graced with refined oblong grooves, the Offset Oval linear drain melds the look of classic design with modern details. When placed along the wall this stylish offering helps set the tone for a warm and relaxing shower.



A redefined take on the Wedge Wire look, the Slotted grate style features a streamlined design of horizontal and vertical lines. This stylish drain invites symmetry into the bathroom and is the perfect transitional fixture to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of interior design.


Offset Slotted

A perfect combination of the Offset Oval and Slotted grate styles, the Offset Slotted line of linear drains serves serious style across shower floors. Featuring alternating rows of elongated drainage cuts, the Offset Slotted drain creates a harmonious layering effect when placed parallel with shower wall and floor tiles.



Launched in 2020, the Slot style of linear drains is the newest grate design offered by Infinity Drain. With a narrow 3/8” drainage gap that virtually disappears into its surroundings, the Slot drain is the perfect fixture for ultra-modern bathrooms.



Create eye-catching designs with the bold look of Solid grate linear drains. The sleek uninterrupted surface of the drain enhances simple shower and bath designs into stunning works of art.



As one of the most common shapes found in the home, circular accessories and fixtures evoke a sense of comfort. The zig-zagging pattern of the Circle style of linear drains adds a dynamic edge to this familiar shape and softens the look of small and large showers.



A perfect balance of vertical and horizontal lines creates captivating symmetry in the Square grate style drain. The strong grid-like pattern exudes authority and becomes a standout fixture in the shower.


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