While traditional grate styles will always remain a staple when it comes to shower drain design, geometric patterns and intricate shapes have become a top trend among homeowners and designers looking to make a statement in the center of their shower.

Whether your style leans more towards sleek and modern or traditional and refined, Infinity Drain offers a wide range of square and round center drain options to complete your bathroom.


Wedge Wire

Clean lines and an elegant vertical pattern define the classic look of the Wedge Wire grate style. With a perfectly smooth surface that is soft to the touch, this drain will blend  seamlessly in the shower floor, lending to a timeless bathroom design.


Tile In

Establishing itself as an essential element in contemporary design, the Tile In drain elevates bathrooms, laundry rooms and wet spaces and takes tile style to a whole new level. The grate of the drain can be tiled to disguise itself as part of the floor for a sleek uninterrupted look or paired with contrasting pieces for added interest.



A perfect balance of vertical and horizontal lines creates captivating symmetry in the Square grate style drain. The strong grid-like pattern exudes authority and becomes a standout fixture in the shower.




A modern take on the Wedge Wire drain, the Lines grate style features a minimalist motif of bold stripes that are sure to make a statement along the shower floor. This stylish drain delivers simplified sophistication and effortlessly transitions with the ever-changing trends of interior design.




Soft arabesque curves and a delicate design adorn the cover of the Moor style of center drain. When placed in the shower, this charming design invites a sense of calm for a truly relaxing atmosphere.



Playful and eye-catching, the Link grate center drains are the perfect accoutrement for trend-setting spaces. Its tessellating arrangement seemingly pops out of the drain providing a splash of fun.




The Weave style of center drains demands attention with its braided details. The stylish mix of intertwining lines acts as the ultimate accessory to enhance showers with high-end design.



The Criss-Cross grate revitalizes the look of the Square style for a drain full of high-impact design. The opposing lines create a diamond-like pattern that shines across shower floors for a striking visual.


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