If you’re a contractor, builder, or architect, you know how important it is to implement your projects in a timely and cost-efficient way. With some projects, you can try to speed up the install time and work out a lower budget, but other projects are more cut-and-dry, and you’re stuck with a standard install and cost. Like with a shower installation. You know it will take you about three-to-four days to install and around $3,000 in cost (give or take, depending on state labor rates), and that not much can be adjusted.

We realized this can be a huge burden and challenge for many in the construction business, so we put our heads together with USG to come up with a quicker and more efficient solution. Enter the USG DurockTM Brand Infinity Drain® (USG-ID) Shower System. The system is engineered for a faster and easier install, providing for a complete installation in only one day.

What exactly is involved in a one-day installation?

The USG-ID Shower System is a high-performance shower system that can be installed in less than half the time – and at half the cost – of a traditional shower. But how?

  • The main factor is that this shower system requires minimal drying time. The drain can be set, pre-sloped waterproof floor placed, and the backer board, shower curb, and waterproof membrane can be installed all on the same day.
  • Once the shower system is installed, there is a mandatory flood test which takes place overnight.
  • The following day, tile can be applied. And that’s that!

Traditional shower construction requires “drying time” for each mortar layer in addition to the application of the waterproofing membrane so the tile can’t be laid until day four of the install. And there are extra tasks that need to take place, like stapling down building paper and metal lath, and sloping the floor towards the drain, which is why that actual shower install takes three days.

If you’re in the process of installing multiple showers in a building, the savings on the USG-ID Shower System are substantial. You’ll save an estimated three days of labor per shower.

Water comparison

How much will you save in cost?

Labor savings are great, but you’re probably wondering about material costs. Generally, if something is more convenient, it runs at a higher cost. And in a way, that’s true. The material costs for the USG-ID Shower System run slightly higher than a traditional shower system (around $1,279 versus $700, respectively.) But, while you’re paying more for materials, the cost you save on labor is so substantial that you still end up saving 42% in cost, once the project has been completed, and all is said and done.

durock shower system

Therein lies how a traditional installation costs more than a USG-ID installation – more days and labor hours. With the USG-ID Shower System, what is spent more on for materials will save (a lot) on labor.

So, very simply, you can save half the time and half the expense by implementing the USGID Shower System for shower construction and installation. And that extra time and money can then be applied to other areas that may need attention while keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

If you’d like to learn more about how the USG DurockTM Brand Infinity Drain® (USGID) Shower System, please contact us today!