Decorative hardware trends may evolve and fade, yet some finishes have staying power. Elegant and glamorous, polished brass has taken the design industry by storm as it continues to trend as a top home décor finish for designers and homeowners alike. Its warm, golden hue can complement a wide range of color schemes and design styles, from traditional to modern. As it blends seamlessly into a variety of design styles, this standout finish has found its way into every room in the house—including the bathroom.

Here are some of our favorite reasons why Polished Brass is a long-lasting bathroom staple, one of those timeless gems that has endured all the trends.


1. It’s Timeless!

Polished Brass’ timeless features can add to an antique style or propose a modern flair. Incorporated into any bathroom design through shower drains, faucet fixtures, cabinet hardware or more, the golden-hued color is a combination of classic and vintage elements. The rich balance of Infinity Drain’s Polished Brass’ matte and shine adds an elegant charm to any bathroom. Not only is it designed to match on-trend fixtures and tile––it adds a sense of warmth and calm to your space not to mention a touch of luxury and sophistication.


2.  Subtle or a Statement

With its versatile qualities, Polished Brass can serve as both a refined accent, introducing a peaceful quality that blends bold design elements, or it can stand alone as a glamorous statement, breaking up a monochromatic color palette. Combining Infinity Drain’s wide variety of linear and center drain grate styles with this popular finish is sure to create a distinct focal point, capable of enhancing both modern and minimalistic bathroom styles. Polished brass can be paired with a wide range of other materials and finishes in the bathroom, including marble, granite, glass, and various tile options.


3. Color Versatility

The unique versatility of Polished Brass effortlessly coordinates with a broad spectrum of colors, from timeless classics like blue, pink or green to various materials such as organic woods and marble. Whether you are aiming for a traditional look with soft hues or a contemporary blend of textures, polished brass provides a versatile and timeless look that integrates with your design aspirations. Its ability to blend in and stand out can rejuvenate any bathroom space.

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