Ultra-modern design and super luxurious to the touch, matte black has taken the design industry by storm as it continues to trend as a top home decor finish of choice for designers and homeowners alike. The look of matte furnishings has come to be recognized as understated and refined, yet chic and can work with a variety of styles, managing to find its way into every room in the house, from living rooms and offices to kitchens and most importantly, bathrooms.

Here are some of our favorite reasons why you won’t see matte black go away any time soon:


1. It’s Versatile

Highly flexible, matte black can be seamlessly incorporated into any design to refresh existing layouts through shower drains, faucet fixtures, cabinet hardware and more.


2. Adds the Right Amount of Drama

When you want to make a statement in your shower or wet room, matte black is the way to go. The dark finish is naturally eye-catching which makes it the ideal choice for high-contrast designs.


3. Easy to Maintain

Matte black fixtures are more impervious to smears, marks, fingerprints, and scratches than polished finishes. Plus, water will not end up leaving those unsightly water stains, meaning you can spend less time wiping down your drain and more time enjoying the room that is graces.


4. It’s Timeless

Black is a color that never goes out of style. Often times used in more modern designs, matte black finishes work well in every design scheme from traditional and farmhouse chic to transitional and contemporary and everything in between.


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