Infinity Drain, the manufacturer at the forefront of architectural and decorative drains, is delighted to present a comprehensive overview of the latest trends shaping the future of bathroom design. Throughout the coming year, designers, homeowners and architects alike will see trending concepts ranging from quiet luxury and pastels to small-sized tile patterns.


Quiet Luxury – Functionality Meets Luxury

Emphasizing the fusion of utility and elegance, quiet luxury requires high-quality details that have a timeless appeal. Infinity Drain’s Tile-in linear drain exemplifies this trend by simply blending into its surroundings and disappearing from view. This subtlety allows designers to craft thoughtful spaces that transform into personal oases.

Infinity Drain Tile-in Linear Drain (Courtesy of The Four Seasons)


Small-sized Tile Making a Comeback

According to an RR & Custom Homes article, smaller tiles like geometric Art Deco or penny tiles are gaining popularity to fulfill the need for self-expression and personalization. Infinity Drain’s 4×4 center drain complements compact areas by showcasing the sophistication of smaller tiles and drains, offering greater customization possibilities and allowing for a bolder, cleaner and stylish look.

Infinity Drain, Tile-in 4×4 Center Drain


Grounded in Zen – Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers will continue to revolutionize modern bathroom designs in 2024. Infinity Drain’s Site Sizable® low profile linear drain assists in facilitating barrier-free design and wet rooms, eliminating the traditional shower threshold and creating a seamless, continuous surface between the bathroom floor and the shower area. This choice offers an elegant aesthetic and enhances safety and accessibility for all.

Infinity Drain, Tile-in Linear Drain, 130 Williams


Pastels and Other Moments of Calm

Pastel colors continue to make headway by evoking nostalgia as an antidote to anxiety and today’s fast pace. Infinity Drain offers many customization options, including custom finishes, which allows consumers, designers and architects the flexibility to make creative, stunning choices.

Infinity Drain’s Custom Capabilities Include Creating Unique On-Trend Finishes


Warming to Soft Metallics or Matte Finishes

In 2024, hardware and fixtures will feature softened metallics like Brushed or Champagne Gold, which introduce warmth and help ground modern environments. Infinity Drain’s Standard and Specialty Finishes include a range of soft metallics and matte options enhancing the flexibility to mix or match metals.

Infinity Drain, Wedge Wire Linear Drain, Satin Champagne


Community and Purpose-Driven Companies

Forbes recently reported that consumers are increasingly drawn to companies with a strong sense of purpose. From its inception over 15 years ago, Infinity Drain has dedicated itself to efforts that positively impact the environment and fight food inequality in Amityville, NY, where they manufacture their products. For example, Infinity Drain initiatives, like Mission Belly Full, have prepared and distributed over 50,000 meals through its own corporate kitchens.

Infinity Drain’s Mission Belly Full Surpasses 50,000 Meals in 2023.


Infinity Drain continues to lead the industry, pushing the boundaries of innovation in drain design while making a difference in the communities they serve beyond the bath.