From beach bungalows to lakeside retreats – modern outdoor showers are becoming a new trend of luxury properties and secondary homes. Mind you, these are not your parent’s outdoor showers. Today, outdoor showers are created from exotic materials, revolutionary technology, and aesthetics designed to impress.

Traditionally, many outdoor showers employed center drains, but a large set of the more distinctive homes are choosing linear drains in creative ways for their outdoor showers. Linear drains offer a sleek and exciting touch to one-of-a-kind outdoor shower experiences. One of the more notable linear drain brands, such as Infinity Drain, brings a modern sense of techno-design combined with the time-honored craftsmanship of hand-finishing. Many of these drains are chosen by some of the most notable designers in the world.

Shower Stall

Photo credit: Pinterest

In fact, when designing an outdoor shower there are many things to consider. First you should always think about privacy, and find an exposed area that doesn’t expose too much of you.  While you’re at it, look for a place filled with sunlight, so things will dry quickly and you won’t need to add a light fixture, unless you want to for night time rinses. You also need to consider the right fixtures. Rust-resistant options are recommended, and if you use a shower curtain, make sure it has fabric made for outdoor use.

The combination of delectable design aesthetics and enhanced functionality are available to everyone. Whether the project is made by a designer, architect, or builder, all it takes is a talented mindset and the right materials to create an outdoor shower that speaks volumes. This summer, homeowners are finding the right shower designs to help express a more distinct personality for their homes. After all, it’s one of the hottest design trends for the summer.