From small powder rooms to large master retreats, bathrooms have become a priority in the home when it comes to architectural and interior design. Modern bathroom design has evolved considerably in the last decade and the range of versatile options can make remodeling this room a rewarding and adventurous experience.

If you’re in the process of remodeling your bathroom or starting a new build, there are a surprising amount of design decisions to be made. The shower, being a key focal point, is arguably one of the most important.  Details matter and the shower drain, often overlooked, has a large impact on the size and shape of the shower, influencing the remainder of the bathroom design.

Whether your style leans more towards sleek and modern or traditional and refined, Infinity Drain offers a wide range of options, both below and above the surface, to complete the look of bathrooms of all sizes and styles. Keeping the below factors in mind when selecting a drain will help ensure you choose the best option for your bathroom design.

Drain Location

The first step to selecting the proper drainage solution for your bathroom is determining the drain’s location in your shower. Center drains are almost always centrally placed and require a four-way floor pitch sloping towards the center of the shower.  While linear drains can also be placed in the center of the shower, they are usually placed along one of the shower walls for a more aesthetically pleasing look and only require the floor to be pitched in one direction. When specified early in the planning phase, the drain can become a sleek feature rather than a lost design opportunity.

Installation Type and Waterproofing

Before moving on to choosing your drain type and style, it is important to understand the type of installation and waterproofing method your drain and bathroom will require. Infinity Drain offers five installation types:

Site Sizable ® Available for linear drains, this installation type requires traditional waterproofing methods such as a vinyl or rubber shower pan liner, lead pan, copper pan, or hot mop. The length of the drain is determined on-site and the outlet can be located anywhere on the drain channel.

Fixed Length installation comes in standard kit sizes or custom fabrication for linear drains and can be installed with traditional waterproofing methods. The drain channel is pre-pitched with a set outlet location.

Fixed Flange Available for linear drains, this installation type comes in standard kit sizes or custom fabrication and can be installed with either liquid membrane or fabric sheet waterproofing methods. The flanged drain channel is pre-pitched with a set outlet location.

Side Outlet Available for linear drains, this installation type comes in standard kit sizes or custom fabrication and is be installed with both liquid membrane or fabric sheet waterproofing methods. This installation option features a horizontal side drain outlet and is a great problem solver when you don’t have floor space underneath the outlet to plumb for a trap.

FCS Series Linear Drain with Schluter ® Kerdi Waterproofing The flanged channel linear drain now comes with Schluter®-KERDI fabric factory-applied by Infinity Drain per Schluter’s specifications to comply with their system warranty.

Universal Infinity Drain® Compatible with most waterproofing methods, the new Universal Infinity Drain® Linear Drain is designed to install using either modern or traditional waterproofing techniques.

Center Drain  Center drains can be used with all waterproofing methods.   Traditional waterproofing will require the use of a clamping floor drain, while modern waterproofing requires a bonded flange floor drain.

Drain Type

Once the drain location and installation methods have been established, you can begin selecting the style options that best pair with your bathroom’s design:

Center Drain

Center drains lend to a more traditional look and make a bold statement in the center of your shower. If you are opting for a center drain, Infinity Drain offers, two shapes, square and round, in an abundance of grate styles and finishes.

Linear Drain

In line with contemporary design, linear drains offer a sleek modern look and have paved the way for a barrier-free and wet room bathroom design. Infinity Drain offers a wide selection of linear drains including these new styles launched in 2020:

Slot Linear Drain Designed with a 3/8″ drainage gap, the Slot Linear Drain virtually disappears into its surroundings, opening up the shower floor for an uninterrupted shower design. 

2mm Wedge-Wire Low Profile Site Sizable ® Linear  Drain The 1” reduction in height on the Site Sizable Linear Drain allows for a seamless barrier-free shower design. The drain’s lower profile helps minimize the floor height needed to achieve a curbless entry.

Infinity Drain allows for further customization of your shower design with the new Squares grate style available on the Universal Infinity Drain® kit. The Squares grate features small squared perforations that are sure to make a statement along the shower floor.

Finishing Touches

From the color of your walls to the surface of the countertops, your bathroom should be a reflection of your personal style. Infinity Drain offers a wide variety of finishes and grate styles for their drains that will make a statement:

Center Drain Options:

Finishes: Matte Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Bronze, Satin StainlessSteel and Polished Stainless Steel

Center Drain Grate Styles: Tile Drain, Criss-Cross, Lines, Link, Moor, Squares, Wedge-Wire and Weave

Linear Drain Options:

Finishes: Matte Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Bronze, Satin Stainless Steel and Polished Stainless Steel

Grate Styles: Tile Insert Frame, Slot Drain, 2mm Wedge Wire, 3mm Wedge Wire, Circle, Offset Slotted, Slotted. Offset Oval, Marc Newson, Squares, Solid

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