Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse

Cleveland, Ohio

Located in downtown Cleveland, the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is an expansive 152,970 sq ft arena. Opening its doors in 1994 as the Gund Arena, the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse was constructed with the objective of becoming northern Ohio’s primary entertainment venue. With two name changes and an extensive renovation in 2019 the stadium has been completely transformed from its original design into the ultra-modern arena it is known as today.

Tasked with creating a contemporary space where the Cleveland Cavaliers could get ready for each home game, architect firms, SHoP and Rossetti set the tone of the bathroom area of the locker room with sleek, modern upgrades.

Smooth slate-look tiles have been placed along the floor of the changing area to establish a strong and grounding base, while creamy beige tiles adorn the walls, adding a pop of light and personality to the space with its subtle detailing. The showers feature a more dramatic design with a combination of subway and large-format tiles in a deep grey that spreads a relaxing atmosphere throughout the bathroom.

In order to maintain the integrity of the entire locker room, the bathroom was designated as a complete wet room with the help of Infinity Drain‘s linear and center Tile Insert drains fixed across the shower, changing and sink area, and adjoining floors.

To meet the specification standards set by the NBA, Infinity Drain fabricated custom length linear drains for the showers to meet the needs of the shower head height and water production to avoid flooding. This tailored drainage solution provided optimum waterproofing to ensure no water damage occurs in other sections of the bathroom.

Now equipped with a refreshing space to warm up or wind down before and after games, the Cleveland Cavaliers can set their sights on a successful season.

Rosetti, SHoP Architects, Gensler

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