Hair Happens! Every Infinity Drain product comes with a Hair Maintenance Kit which includes tools to keep the drain flowing.

Infinity Drain, the manufacturer at the forefront of architectural and decorative drains, will begin shipping all of its drains with their new patent-pending Hair Basket in Spring 2022. Infinity Drain’s revolutionary Hair Basket is uniquely engineered with a deep cone-shaped basket to collect more hair, soap scum, shampoo, conditioner and other small debris than traditional drain screens. Within each Infinity Drain product package is a luxurious zippered pouch to conveniently hold the Hair Maintenance Kit inside. The kit comes complete with instructions and a comfort coated lift-out key designed to easily remove, clean and replace the drain’s decorative grate.

“Hair happens, and our approach is to solve this issue upfront in every drain we sell with our innovative Hair Maintenance Kit, so our customers can easily maintain their drains and avoid costly repairs later,” states Jonathan Brill, president and founder of Infinity Drain. “The most common question we’re asked about linear drains is: ‘how do I clean the drain of hair and shampoo?’ No one talks about maintaining the drain, so it’s a problem that is ignored until you have to pay to remove a clog. At Infinity Drain, we’ve applied hundreds of hours of technical and engineering expertise to create an innovative approach to solve this problem that has existed for generations.”


  • Every Infinity Drain product comes with a Hair Maintenance Kit which includes an ergonomic lift-out key, user guide, and zippered pouch. Infinity Drain’s patented easy-clean hair basket keeps the drain clog-free longer.
  • A variety of hair catchers and lift-out keys fit the specifications of Infinity Drain’s extensive product offering.
  • The Hair Maintenance Kit and Baskets are sourced and made in the United States.
  • Included with every Infinity Drain at no extra charge. Bought separately, the kit retails for $20.

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