Made in America: Infinity Drain

By KLAFFStyle Editorial Staff

Who’d have thought that the lowly drain could inspire changes to the traditional ways in which we do bath design and construction? One of the KLAFFS Made in America brands not only thought it could, but also made it happen.

It took stops along the way from Europe to Australia before Long Island, New York-based Infinity Drain became a Made in America brand. The company is introducing the U.S. design, architecture and construction industry to linear drains and other new approaches to drain design that enable stunning, new interior design concepts – like barrier free baths. It is also developing innovative technologies for waterproofing in partnership with visionary companies like USG (United States Gypsum.)

In addition to transforming how we in the US approach any area of building where water needs to be drained away, the company is exporting its products and technology around the world.

We spoke recently with Infinity Drain founder and President Jonathan Brill, who shared the company’s fascinating story.