Shower drain designs have significantly evolved over time, and homeowners and the design community alike continue to push the boundaries and explore new options when it comes to functional, yet stylish, bathroom features. With clean lines and geometric patterns becoming more popular, these designs add a unique touch to your shower and can serve as a focal point for the overall bathroom aesthetic.

Whether your style is sleek and modern or more traditional and refined, Infinity Drain offers an extensive line of linear and center drain styles that are sure to make a statement in the shower:

Wedge Wire

Clean lines and an elegant horizontal pattern define the classic look of the Wedge Wire grate style. Blending seamlessly into the shower floor, this drain establishes itself as a timeless and sophisticated addition to any space.

Tile Insert

The Tile Insert drain adds minimalistic brilliance to your space by disguising itself as part of the floor. Simply add in your floor tile to the drain frame for a look so seamless, you’ll have people asking – where’s the drain?


The perfect combination of simplicity and functionality creates captivating symmetry in the Square grate style. Perfect for both traditional and contemporary aesthetics, this strong grid-like design is a true standout shower fixture.


A unique take on the classic Wedge Wire, the Slotted grate style demands attention in any space with its bold vertical and horizontal lines, contemporary design and smooth-to-the-touch surface.



Take your shower or bathroom design to the next level with the eye-catching, bold look of Solid grate linear or center drains. Providing a sleek, uninterrupted surface, this beautiful grate style enhances simple shower designs to contemporary masterpieces.

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