A little maintenance goes a long way.

Plumbing blockages can happen regularly in the home. When shower drains clog with hair and debris, they become hard to clean and repairs can become costly. Consistent upkeep of your bathroom’s fixtures will go a long way in preserving the integrity of your home’s plumbing system and guarantee your shower remains clean and refreshed every day.

Today, we’re sharing our favorite care and maintenance tips that will keep your shower and Infinity Drain free and clear of unnecessary waste to ensure they remain squeaky clean.


Know What Should Never Go Down the Drain

The first step towards a healthy drainage system is knowing what to avoid rinsing down the shower drain:

  • Toilet paper, paper towels or wipes: whether accidental or intentional, paper products should NEVER be rinsed down shower plumbing systems. Although easily degradable, paper can easily break up and latch onto the walls of pipes creating a barricade that will prevent water from seamlessly flowing through.
  • Soil, sand and gravel: before stepping into the shower after a day at the beach or spent outdoors, be sure to clear your hands, feet and body of any fine-grained fragments. When rinsed off in the shower, they can attract soap scum and hair on their way down the drain, forming a thick layer of build-up that can become impacted, sealing the pipe off and causing the drain to back up.
  • Hair: the most common cause of shower drain blockages. While it’s inevitable the occasional stray strands will slip down the drain, larger gatherings will get caught where pipes bend or get caught on other residues. Reducing or preventing large amounts of hair from flushing down the shower will help avert a major catastrophe caused by a hair clog. 

How to Prevent Drainage Blocks with Infinity Drain’s Hair Maintenance Kit

 Every Infinity Drain product is equipped with a Hair Maintenance Kit including: an ergonomic lift-out key, user guide, and a zippered pouch.  Infinity Drain’s patented easy-clean hair basket keeps the drain clog-free longer. 

The lift-out key can be used on either end of a linear Infinity Drain to easily remove the grate. The hair basket or strainer will be placed in the drain channel to collect hair and other waste rinsed off in the shower.

When it’s time to clean out the hair basket:

  • Simply insert the lift-out key into one end of the grate. Do not pull from the center.
  • Pull up, raise the grate out of the channel on one end and remove completely to clean all hair and debris.
  • Remove the hair basket using the lift-out key and empty contents into the garbage. Before placing the basket in the drain, clean the basket as well as the interior of the drain channel with a soft towel, sponge or brush using mild soap and water.

How to Clean Your Center or Linear Infinity Drain

Infinity Drain’s premium finishes are durable, however, harsh chemicals may impact the finish and should be avoided. Always clean first with mild soap and water.

When cleaning your drain, we recommend the following guidelines:

  • Stainless steel finishes: stainless steel is non-porous, hygienic, rust-free and extremely durable material. Stainless steel cleaners such as Bar Keeper’s Friend®, Soft Scrub®, or equivalent can be used. For hard set stains, we suggest Steel Brite®.
  • Decorative finishes: for all other finishes including our Satin Bronze, Matte Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze, mild soap and water should be used to clean the drain.
  • What NOT to use: many household and bathroom cleaning agents contain acids and other harsh chemicals. Using these substances on or near the drain can cause considerable damage even with just one application.
    • Avoid the following:
      • Hydrochloric acid (ex. tile cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners)
      • Formic acid (ex. clog remover)
      • Acetic acid (ex. mold & mildew cleaners)
      • Phosphoric acid (ex. tile cleaners)
      • Muriatic acid (ex. rust cleaners)
      • Chlorine bleach solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I clean the drain?
    • Regular maintenance should be performed on your drain. Keep your center or linear drain clean by wiping it down with a soft towel 1-2 times per month.
  • Will scratches show on polished finishes?
    • Polished finishes can incur minor scratches with regular wear and tear.
  • Can the outer layer of my drain break down?
    • Yes, the breakdown of the outer layer can be caused by the following:
      • Mechanical Abrasion by using steel wool, wire brushes, scrapers, etc.
      • Hard Water
      • Chloride cleaners such as chlorine bleach, seawater, saltwater, table salt

Click here to review our Care & Maintenance User Guide.

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