Infinity Drain, the industry leader in decorative shower and wet area drain solutions, is a Finalist in the Bath/Spa category for its revolutionary Stainless Steel Shower Base in the BD Product Design Competition: Best of 2020 awards. Highlighting standout solutions for hospitality interiors, the BD Product Design Competition celebrates manufacturers of products that demonstrate aesthetic progress, functionality and innovation.

Winners and finalists were selected by a jury of design influencers in the boutique and lifestyle segment including leaders from Hilton, Design360unlimited, Design Poole Inc., ForrestPerkins, Marriott International, Project Dynamics Inc., and the Gettys Group.

About the Infinity Drain Stainless Steel Shower Base

Patent-pending waterproof design shaves precious hours off of projects for both installer and consumers and is guaranteed for life against failure. Infinity Drain’s Stainless Steel Shower Bases are made from high quality 304L 16 gauge stainless, arrive factory flood-tested and ready for installation with an integral drain, pre-sloped floor and primed for tile installation. With over 42 SKUs for center or linear drains in a variety of drain placements, five finishes and seven styles – the Infinity Drain Stainless Steel Shower Bases can integrate for either curb or curbless (barrier free) showers.