Infinity Drain, a category leader offering the broadest selection of decorative drains and installation options, is introducing a new Slot Linear drain with a narrow 3/8-inch drainage gap that virtually disappears into its surroundings.  Available in a range of finishes from Stainless Steel to Matte Black, they feature an easily accessible clean-out tray that simplifies the process of debris removal and servicing of the waste line.

“Given all the advantages linear drains offer, it’s not surprising that they have become the rule rather than the exception in luxury bathroom design,” says Jonathan Brill, President of Infinity Drain. “Our latest option seamlessly integrates into the modern, minimalist bathroom designs that are in high demand.”

Brill notes that from a design perspective, the curbless or barrier free shower that linear drains enable result in a seamless, spa-like environment design that can’t be achieved using traditional shower drains. Without barriers, there are a range of design details that can be incorporated that truly open up the room. For example, the bathroom floor can flow uninterrupted from wall-to-wall, large format tile can be used and enclosures around the shower space can be eliminated. On the functional side, a barrier free shower can cater to everyone’s needs and abilities allowing people of all ages to safely enter the shower without the need to climb over a threshold or into a tub.

“Linear drains open up a world of possibilities both functionally and aesthetically in bathroom designs,” says Brill.

Slot Linear Drain from Infinity Drain®  Features

  • Proudly fabricated in the USA
  • Narrow 3/8-inch drainage gap
  • Easily accessible clean-out try to remove debris or service the waste line
  • Available finishes: Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Bronze and Matte Black.

Available lengths:  24”, 32” 36”, 42”, 48”,