Infinity Drain products are engineered to work with all waterproofing methods including liquid applied membrane, PVC liner, hot mop, copper pan and fabric sheet membrane. The choice of waterproofing method for shower installations is often determined by regional preferences, and by the installer. No matter which waterproofing method is used, the resulting decorative drain will be both beautiful and functional for the life of the shower.


Traditional vs. Modern Waterproofing Methods

Knowing which waterproofing technique the installer will use helps determine which linear or center drain series to select for your project. When traditional waterproofing techniques are employed, professionals typically construct a shower pan with materials like PVC, vinyl, lead, hot mop, copper, or fiberglass. Infinity Drain’s Site Sizable® [S] and Fixed Length [FX] linear drains as well as our 4” and 5” center drains are offered with drain bodies to make them compatible with traditional waterproofing methods.

On the other hand, if modern waterproofing methods, such as liquid membrane or fabric sheet, are utilized, professionals can more easily waterproof over a greater floor area to build a barrier-free or zero-threshold installations. Modern waterproofing installations not only expedite the process, saving time, but also enhance the long-term efficacy. For this type of waterproofing, Infinity Drain offers a variety of linear drain design options with flanged channels including the [FF], [FCS], and [FT] Series. Their 4” and 5” center drains can be purchased with bonded flanges, or in the case of the 4” patterns, a UCR2 adaptor is also available, to be compatible with modern waterproofiing methods.


Infinity Drain’s FCS Series – with factory applied Schluter®-KERDI

Of all these types of waterproofing methods, fabric sheet membrane, specifically Schluter®-KERDI is one of the most popular options. Infinity Drain linear and center drain products with factory applied Schluter®-KERDI, are covered by the Schluter-KERDI complete shower system warranty. This offers installers and specifiers the freedom to select the decorative style they want with complete peace of mind.


Available in a broad range of styles

Infinity Drain offers a broad range of styles available with factory applied Schluter®-KERDI including linear drains and center drains in 10 finishes.

  • Gunmetal
  • Matte White
  • Polished Brass
  • Polished Gold
  • Satin Champagne
  • Matte Black
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Polished Stainless
  • Satin Bronze
  • Satin Stainless


Drainage Solutions for a Sleek Wall Finish

Balancing durability and aesthetics, Infinity Drain’s linear drains  with factory applied Schluter®-KERDI waterproofing  are available with a unique ½” flange to fit flush against the wall, as well as a standard 1” flange, creating a clean and modern appearance. Additionally, Infinity Drain provides a broad range of style options for their linear drains, including Wedge Wire, Tile Insert, Slotted and Solid designs. Regardless of your preferred style or placement, Infinity Drain empowers you to customize your wet room’s drain to your liking while enabling effective waterproofing capabilities.


4” and 5” Center Drain Options

Combining high performance with a touch of luxury, select Infinity Drain’ center drains are compatible with Schluter®-KERDI waterproofing. Notably, the 5” Tile-in center drain is available with factory applied Schluter®-KERDI fabric, providing dual waterproofing protection. This feature offers the flexibility to adapt to traditional methods such as vinyl, lead/copper pan, or hot mop underneath, while ensuring a bonded fabric approach on the surface.


Infinity Drain also offers a UCR2 clamping ring to make our 4” center drains compatible with the Schluter®-KERDI Drain body. This adaptable clamping ring easily bridges the gap between the 4” center drain and Schluter-KERDI Drain body, allowing specifiers to have greater flexibility for selection of a decorative drain while remaining compliant with the Schluter-KERDI complete shower system warranty.


Next Day Custom

Homeowners, installers and specifiers can further customize their options by length and outlet location to insure a perfect installation on-site. Customized drains with factory-applied Schluter®-KERDI are also compliant with their complete shower system warranty.

Visit our website to discover more about our Next Day Custom program, turning seamless wall-to-wall linear drain installations into a reality without the wait.


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