When designing or remodeling a full bathroom, there’s no shortage of architectural decisions to be made. From floor plan layout to decorative accessory selection, each choice can have a deep influence on the overall environment of the space. However, there is one surprising detail that achieves perfect harmony between the beauty and purpose of the bathroom, and that’s the placement of the shower drain.



As the focal point of the bathroom, showers can have a powerful impact on the way a person interacts with the entire room. When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom and shower, drain selection and placement are arguably one of the most important components.


Linear drains have quickly gained popularity as the top drainage solution for residential and commercial settings thanks to their chic and modern appeal. If you’re specifying a linear drain in your next shower project or planning on designing a wet room or barrier-free shower, read on as we delve into the benefits of proper linear drain placement and how you can achieve a seamless look with Infinity Drain:


“The ideal linear drain installation is wall-to-wall and against the wall,” says Jonathan Brill, President of Infinity Drain. “We strongly suggest this type of installation not only to enhance the function of the shower but protect the integrity of the rest of the bathroom”.


What is Wall-To-Wall?

With a wall-to-wall installation, it is recommended  the linear drain be placed flush against one of the shower walls with the floor pitched in the direction of the drain. The length of the drain channel should span the entire length of the wall to ensure total and proper water drainage. This type of installation removes the need for additional tiling around the drain, allows for modern waterproofing methods and prevents water from leaving the shower area.


What are the Benefits of a Wall-to-Wall Installation?

  • Elevates the look of showers – From grate styles available in tile frames, strong lines and geometric shapes, linear drains have gone from a necessary shower piece to a striking stand-alone visual element. When placed along the shower wall they can become a bold centerpiece or can be designed to blend in with the tiled floor for a seamless look.
  • Creates barrier-free and curbless designs – Wall-to-wall linear drain installations allow for more versatility when planning the design of a bathroom. They enable designers and homeowners to open up their space by eliminating unnecessary shower curbs and walls to create an inviting and spacious floor plan.
  • Prevents water transfer to dry areas – With the floor pitched in a single direction, water only has one way to flow, away from the dry areas of a bathroom and towards the shower wall. This keeps all liquids and suds in the shower and prevents water from flooding into the dry side of the bathroom.
  • Reduces accidents – In addition to enhancing barrier-free designs and water transfer prevention, wall-to-wall installations also make the bathrooms a safer place. The curbless shower puts a stop to potential tripping accidents while water containment mitigates slipping hazards.


How to Achieve a Perfect Wall-to-Wall Installation with Infinity Drain:

A flawless wall-to-wall installation can be executed with a linear drain that follows the exact measurement of the shower wall. However, it’s often the case that specifiers and designers won’t know the precise measurements until the project is well underway. Infinity Drain offers three innovative options to allow installers to order a custom length drain with little to no wait:


  • Site Sizable® Linear Drains – Infinity Drain further simplifies wall-to-wall installation with the Site Sizable® line of linear drains. The Site Sizable® drains can be ordered in lengths up to 96” and can be cut on-site to ensure a seamless and truly custom length drain. The addition of Infinity Drain’s patented Compact Clamping Floor Drain allows for easy flush against the wall installation without any extra steps or materials required.

  • Next Day Custom Linear Drains – A perfect drain in a not-so-perfect world. The new Next Day Custom Program is a cutting-edge solution that allows architects, builders, designers, homeowners and other trade professionals to order a custom drain up to 72” in length without delaying the rest of the job. The moment the installer realizes a custom drain is needed, they can order a linear drain with exact measurements and the drain will ship out the following day.


  • Custom Drain Program – In addition to the Next Day Custom Linear Drains, Infinity Drain offers a complete custom fabrication program. From grate style specification, finish color, waterproofing and outlet, the options are infinite with custom orders. Custom linear drains can be ordered up to 300” in length in any style or finish. Rush service is available anywhere in the U.S. for quick 5-day shipping. Order forms can be downloaded here.



When it comes to bathroom design, a little planning goes a long way and with Infinity Drain, a refreshing custom-built shower can breathe new energy into your space and your life!


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