Whether you desire sunrises from the balcony, quiet lunches on the terrace or summertime games around the pool, map out your area and unleash its potential. Creating an outdoor oasis requires planning, creativity and the proper products that will keep your space not just looking beautiful but functioning well for you and your loved ones.


Think Comfort

Conceptualizing your outdoor oasis means designing an area where you will actually want to spend time. When planning the layout, furnishings and accessories, think comfort. Placing chairs under a shady tree or pergola will protect you and your guests from harmful UV rays and keep you feeling cooler in the warm weather. Plush cushions or a cozy hammock provides a restful break from backyard activities. Light-colored pavers and durable rugs keep your outdoor surfaces from getting too hot and potentially burning your feet or those of children and pets.



Maximize Space

Alfresco living isn’t just for those with expansive patios or decks. A smaller balcony attached to an apartment or condo is a great place to embrace nature and enjoy the outdoors. Put that green thumb to work by growing vegetables or hanging flower arrangements. Keep those plants hydrated and your walking area dry with one of Infinity Drain’s custom linear drains, which helps remove excess standing water. This will also give you peace of mind knowing your area is protected during periods of heavy precipitation. Set up simple outdoor furniture so you can enjoy your garden just steps from the indoor living area. String lights or solar-powered lanterns will illuminate your balcony now bursting with color and ready for guests.



Ensure Privacy

Relaxing in your outdoor oasis means enjoying a quiet moment to yourself – no peeking neighbors, no traffic cacophony, no reason to feel anything but bliss. Privacy is paramount when designing your garden escape or bustling backyard. Trees and shrubs are a great way to block out unwanted noise and reduce the sightlines into your property; popular options include arborvitaes and Leyland cypresses. Fencing is another great way to block off your area, and fences are available in a variety of sizes, materials and colors. Screened porches allow you to enjoy the warm weather while providing seclusion from neighbors and protecting you from harsh sunlight and biting insects.



Prioritize Safety

No oasis is complete until it is safe. Designing the perfect outdoor living space means planning for not-so-perfect scenarios. Poor weather conditions are among the biggest concerns for those looking to maintain a beautiful and functional outdoor area. Infinity Drain’s Site Sizable® Linear Drains for outdoor applications can be joined together to create infinite lengths. These drains are ideal for walkway drainage, pool surrounds and driveways. Keeping excess water off frequently traversed pathways is an easy way to keep you and your guests safe so you can focus instead on making memories together.



With planning, inspiration, elbow grease and helpful products, you can design and build the ultimate outdoor oasis. Enjoy time spent with family and friends this summer!


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