Whether it’s a newly renovated house or a brand-new luxury residential building, there’s a linear drain that can elevate the look of any master bathroom in exemplary style. You see, linear drains are completely customizable, so they can work beautifully within any space.

Recently, Infinity Drain was awarded a project for the tallest residential tower in New York City – 432 Park Avenue. Located between 56th and 57th Street, this building boasts one of the best views of the city and Central Park. Designed by renowned interior designer Deborah Berke and design architect, Rafael Viñoly, these classically-modern apartments are not without the finest materials and finishes.

When they wanted to complete the imaginative look for their bathrooms to accompany book-matched marble tile, no detail was left unconsidered. They asked us to install three-hundred custom linear shower drains throughout the building, in addition to drains for the pool and spa areas.

The bathroom designs feature open concept showers, without barriers. As a result, linear drains were the perfect complement for the ultra-stylish, free-form look.

The pool and spa areas were created to feel like an open sanctuary. Linear drains were custom-crafted to reflect this concept and enhance the experience with artistic flair.

Wallpaper magazine agrees with this assessment in their review of this structure when they say there’s “a ‘living gallery’ inside 432 Park Avenue.” Vogue magazine adds, “The luxury apartments combine sophisticated charm with modernist details.”

We agree with the headlines this building is garnering. The fact is, when a master bedroom suite consists of two bathrooms fitted in book-matched slabs of Italian Statuario marble, luxurious soaking tubs, marble vanities with 22″ oval sinks, and radiant heated floors – the details are evidently treasured.

So, when creating a bathroom of distinction, consider the important details – right down to the drain. As evidenced by the tallest residential building in New York City, it will surely complete the desired look and feel of a trophy bathroom.