Designers and homeowners alike understand the power of an open concept bathroom. In fact, an open design for a bathroom can have a huge impact on the entire interior design of the residence. Trending today is a free-flowing look that adds depth and dimension to a modern home.


Recently, designers have matched the abstract underpinnings of the open concept bathroom design with the vivid (yet stark and minimalistic aesthetics) of a white-themed palette. For many white-on-white aficionados, however, it’s not just the fluidity of the clean lines that make for an aesthetically pleasing experience, but the color and shape of an accessory which adds contrast points to the brightness as well. To make a white-themed bathroom more artistic, unique and personal, many designers use a “trace color” that subtly breaks the overpowering white without overwhelming it.


Some of the more striking contrasting objects that add relief from the continuity of white tiles, white vanities, and white walls are fixtures in bronze or brass. For instance, a bronze cabinet handle or faucet makes an unpredictable statement among a sea of white.

White Bathroom Gold Fixtures

Brass fixtures in white bathroom. Photo Credit:


Another idea is to possibly add some natural materials. This softens the starkness of white and creates contrasting material texture. See the image above with the wooden stool.


What’s more, wouldn’t it be dazzling if the trace-colored object also boasted a functional purpose? This is where Infinity Drain comes in: Their famous matte white linear drains add just the right visual accent to white-themed bathrooms. Yes, a surprising accent – with purposeful intentions – enhances any design. The smart use of combinations like slightly different finishes, materials or colors elevate a designer to another level. Question is, are you there yet?