Some people like chocolate, others vanilla. Some prefer coffee, others tea. None are wrong. None are right. It’s the same way with shower heads. Designer bathrooms of all kinds have many different styles of shower heads. Some have small nozzles for a more pointed, powerful stream, while others have a rain shower nozzle to provide more of a voluminous, rain-like experience. No option is really “better” than the other. It’s really all about personal preference.

If your personal preference is more of a powerful, massage like spray, you may wish to steer away from the rain shower nozzle. But what if we told you – you could have both?

To take the rain-like experience even further, shower heads have recently began being engineered using airstream technology. This advanced technology draws in air which is then mixed with every droplet of water emerging from the shower head, resulting in an increased volume of water – even more closely mimicking the refreshing and invigorating feel of being in a rain shower. The more voluminous drops of water also allow for an especially efficient cleanse that is still gentle and exfoliating for your skin. So, you get the best of both worlds.

Additionally, it’s most likely a rain shower head would be installed with a hand-held version, so you can get a more direct blast of water instead of standing under the rain shower head, which is all encompassing.

With the increased water flow and the added options of both a rain shower head and handheld, you will have to take increased water flow consumption into consideration. Rain shower heads are larger and produce more water, which leads to an increased need for efficient drainage. To effectively drain the water, linear drains are increasingly being used, especially in new modern luxury residences.

This is because a linear drain not only adds a functional benefit to a bathroom, but also presents a superior level of elegance. These two super-functional items – of designer quality – are being paired in gorgeous bathrooms all over the world. And why not? It’s not often when something which works so well also looks so sweet.

Unless of course, you are talking about a chocolate sundae that satisfies a sweet tooth while looking like a work of art. (Or should that be vanilla?)

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