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With next-day custom, Site Sizeable®, and fully customized floor drain options, Infinity Drain offers a minimalist design solution for every shower.

Sometimes when design is translated from lines on paper to physical reality, there are hiccups. Take for example a linear shower drain: Meant to provide an elegant drainage solution, these drains have been gaining popularity as designers embrace styles like barrier free showers and threshold drains. Unfortunately, a discrepancy of even a quarter of an inch between the product and the reality of the building site can have major ramifications and ultimately lead to a drain that is not flush with the wall or does not extend the full width of the shower.

With next day custom, Site Sizeable®, and fully customized linear drain options, Infinity Drain allows designers and installers to get shower drains exactly right every time. Small gaps around a linear drain might not sound like a huge problem, but it can throw off the whole shower explains Jonathan Brill, the company’s president. “When we’re designing barrier free showers it’s very important that the drain is exactly wall to wall otherwise you risk water leaking out into the dry area of the shower.”

There are aesthetic considerations as well: Gaps between the finished wall and the linear drain system mean that tile installers have to custom cut small pieces of tile, which can cost time and money, and come out looking sloppy. But getting the perfect fit with a linear drain can be a challenge. Typically drains come in fixed lengths, “The challenge is that the shower that you’re building is never that exact dimension, there’s never an exact dimension in construction,” says Brill.

Infinity Drain’s next day custom program is a gamechanger for headache-free installation. Specifiers need only provide Infinity Drain with the exact dimension, the waterproofing system they will be using, and select a grate style and finish. For orders received before 10 A.M. ET, Infinity Drain will get the parts fabricated and shipped the next day.

For a wider selection of finishes, or more complex jobs, Infinity Drain offers a full custom program to develop the perfect linear drain for the quirks and specific criteria of your project. Infinity Drain’s products are also available in Site Sizeable® options, meaning that they can be trimmed on the job site to fit the specific dimensions that a particular job requires.

The perfect fit means no leaks, quicker installation, and a nicer tile finish. “When the drain is right up against the wall, they don’t have to make those tile cuts and it allows them to use larger floor materials, such as a full slab [of stone]. This level detail is not hard to achieve. All it takes is a little bit of communication and a little bit of coordination,” say Brill.

The beauty of a linear drain is in its minimalist simplicity and low profile. Gaps, tile cuts, and drains that are not flush with the wall can ruin the effect. That little bit of communication is worth it for clients who expect perfection.

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