Open interior architecture concepts are not new anymore; in fact, open kitchens and dining rooms have become standard in many luxury homes. Now, the “open design” concept has transcended to – you guessed it – the bathroom.

A huge benefit of an open concept bathroom is that it allows more light in the room, creating a spa-like feeling and adding more sensory depth to the space. Quite a few luxury homes are now designed with bathrooms as part of the master bedroom – without walls or even dividers. Many bathrooms are designed with a barrier-free shower, without a curb, which gives a seamless look throughout the area. Whichever you prefer, this open look exemplifies a modern, contemporary feel.

Flooring is critical to maximize the look of an open concept design. Unusual, yet modern elements – such as treated concrete flooring complemented by a curbless shower – make for an ideal combination in creating a sleek look. Keep in mind that without a shower curb, drainage is critical, and you will want something ultra-contemporary to match the modern look you have created. A linear drain is ideal to complete the look of an open shower or bathroom design. Linear drains epitomize sleek styles and add a sense of fine detail to your open space concept.

When the ultimate goal is creating a luxurious space for you to unwind and wash the day away, an open concept bathroom that feels like a spa is the perfect solution.

But it’s not for everybody. There are still many who prefer the privacy walls and consider the bathroom too personal to be open. If you are inclined, however, to turn your bathroom into a special experience, and you want to enjoy the latest in luxury interior design, an open concept bathroom is the perfect way to do it. The question is: Are you “open” to it?

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