The year 2018 is an exciting milestone for Infinity Drain. It marks their 10-year anniversary in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry, as well as the celebration of many innovative and passion-driven services that have made them the premier linear drain resource they are today.

Their innovative nature most likely stems from the fact that, although they are 10-years old, they have been in the industry for over 100 years, evolving from a family business that began in 1909.

Jonathan Brill, Infinity Drain’s founder and President, comes from a long line of innovators in the decorative hardware and plumbing business. Jonathan’s great grandfather, Samuel Stuchiner, established Simon’s Hardware in 1909 which grew into the first decorative hardware store in the United States. Jonathan’s father, Phil Brill, began managing Simon’s Hardware and then went on to open his own hardware and plumbing business, Phil Brill and Associates in 1981. Jonathan joined his father’s business in 1996 and took over once his father retired in 2002. In 2008, Jonathan officially opened Infinity Drain’s doors for business.

Jonathan Infinity Drain

Jonathan was the pioneer who brought linear drains to the U.S. market. While travelling abroad on a European journey, he noticed linear drains in many of the finest establishments in well-designed buildings and wondered why they weren’t used in the United States. He saw this as an opportunity to bring elevated plumbing design to the U.S. market.

During one of the worst economic downturns of the century, Jonathan not only brought the idea of linear drains to America but decided to produce them here as well. For the financial climate of 2008, such an undertaking was practically unheard of – but the only way to innovate is to go against convention.

Infinity Drain 10 Year Anniversary

Soon after Infinity Drain’s initial deployment, other bigger players started producing linear drains. This saturated the market, and forced Infinity Drain to up its game again by mastering the technology, craftsmanship, and painstaking attention to detail that sets them apart from their competitors. But that wasn’t enough. Infinity Drain also developed innovative solutions for waterproofing via their new shower system partnership with USG (United States Gypsum Corporation).

Infinity Drain not only “zigged” when the competition “zagged,” but they also defied time. You see, the new complete shower system is designed to be installed in one day flat, instead of from three-to-four days, as when using traditional waterproofing methods.

These constant innovations are what have led Infinity Drain to become the choice of architects, interior designers, builders, and exacting consumers from all over the world. In fact, in New York City alone, Infinity Drain installations can be found adorning bathrooms and spas in the tallest luxury residential building, making it stand out among the skyline of majestic towers.

It goes without saying that Infinity Drain is proud of so many accomplishments over the past decade, and their dedication to innovation will keep them at the top of the linear drain market for the future.

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