Designing a home for a family member can be an exciting yet challenging task, but Elisa Baran Tréan of Elisa Baran, LLC successfully transformed her brother’s two-bedroom, four-bathroom house in Los Angeles, C.A. into a modern oasis. The revamped home flawlessly blends Elisa’s love of wabi-sabi aesthetics with her brother’s preferences for brutalist architecture. The resulting design melds these two styles in a sophisticated way without leaning too heavily on one style or the other.

The home was designed to have an art gallery feel – almost a blank canvas; each room is calming and serene, decorated with minimalist furniture and a continuous cream-colored, monochromatic theme. With inspiring sunrise and sunset views of Los Angeles, Elisa expanded the living room, pushing out the back wall and eliminating columns to make way for wall-to-wall sliding-glass doors. A getaway for the many artists Elisa’s brother frequently works with, the home feels like a resort down to every detail, from the Zen music studio to the perfectly lighted pool for nighttime swims.

Additionally, Elisa’s exceptional design skills are evident in the primary bathroom, which features striking Arabescato marble in the shower and a custom integrated trough sink. The concrete sink was engineered with a slight slope to incorporate Infinity Drain’s luxurious Tile Insert Frame linear drains on the left and right sides for a clean, flush look against the marble. The shower walls and floor are also Arabescato marble and here again Elisa used Infinity Drain’s Tile Insert center drain to create a seamless canvas.

“I really wanted all the sinks to have marble inserts and without Infinity Drain’s tile insert linear drains, these inserts would never have been as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they are now,” states Elisa Baran Tréan of Elisa Baran, LLC. “For myself and the client using Infinity Drain’s tile drains where there was marble or tile was a necessity in this home.”

With her keen eye for design and a thoughtful approach to blending different architectural styles, Elisa managed to turn each room in her brother’s home into a luxurious and exceptional space, resulting in the perfect personalized living environment.

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