While barrier-free bathrooms are designed around universal safe access, the modern, clean aesthetic has become increasingly popular as a design choice – especially for bathrooms.

Also referred to as a “walk-in”, “curbless” or “zero-threshold” shower, a barrier-free bathroom is a designated wet space that is free of obstacles, especially at the threshold of the shower. Recently, linear drains have become a top request both aesthetically and functionally as a vital element that allows for proper drainage without needing the curb to hold in the water.


Improves Accessibility

Accommodating the needs of every level of mobility, barrier-free showers are great solutions for creating ADA-compliant bathrooms that assist with aging-in-place. The use of linear drains and a single-slope floor pitch, allows you to create a safe, open shower with no obstacle at the threshold of the shower to step or roll over.


Larger-Looking Spaces

Barrier-free showers often use glass panels for separation, or can be completely open and fully integrated with the rest of the bathroom. This, combined with the ability to use large-format tile, allows homeowners to create a seamless look from wall-to-wall, maximizing their space, and creating a space that feels larger than it may be.


Easier to Clean

With fewer areas for water and dirt to settle, a barrier-free shower is easy to clean making it more hygienic than a standard shower. The combination of pitched flooring and architectural drainage allows water to easily and quickly drain, leaving a clean and dry space.

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