There’s something about stepping into a hot shower that rejuvenates our souls and awakens our senses. But do we even think about the curb that you need to step over to get into the shower? Take it away and you’ve now entered the lavish world of a curbless shower.

Whether your décor is traditional or modern, a curbless (or barrier free) shower creates a feeling of seamless beauty and presents a spa-like appearance that is unmatched by any traditional shower design.

Here, we spotlight the benefits of a curbless shower and how it can transform your bathroom in ways you never imagined.

Your Bathroom Will Appear Larger

Without the curb, the bathroom floor will flow from wall-to-wall and create a seamless look, making your bathroom appear significantly larger than it may be. This is especially true for small-to-medium sized bathrooms that are cut short by a shower curb.

 Bathroom Partial Glass

Photo credit: Christine Alcalay | Source: Becki Owens

Improves Accessibility

A curbless shower is the perfect compromise (and a beautiful one!) when it comes to accommodating the needs of everyone in your home. It offers people of all ages the freedom to safely enter the shower without the need to climb over a threshold or into a tub. A curbless shower is the perfect solution that will cater to everyone’s needs and abilities.

Open Concept Bathroom

Source: HouseBeautiful

Easier to Clean

What is one of the best long-term luxuries about a barrier free shower? There’s less to clean! A seamless design without surface joints means there are fewer areas where mildew and other grime that’s difficult and unpleasant to clean can gather. Less time cleaning means more time to do things that you love!

Shower cleaning

Keeps Water in its Place

What’s great about a barrier free shower is that it keeps the water where it’s supposed to be. You would think the opposite, right? (After all, there are no walls or barriers of any kind to catch the water.) But barrier free showers are built so that the shower floor is sloped toward the drain, keeping the water out of the bathroom and making for the most efficient evacuation of water. It’s also important to position the shower head properly to keep water in the splash zone.

Waterfall shower

Source: Porch

Less Visual Clutter

There is something truly amazing about being able to simply stroll into your shower without a thought in your mind. All those clean lines make for such a rejuvenating experience. Even if you opt for a partial glass shower door, a curbless shower will keep your bathroom feeling light and airy.

Bathroom Partial Glass

Photo Credit: Lisa Cohen | Source: MyDomaine

To learn more about barrier free showers and what it takes to install, check out the Infinity Drain “Barrier Free Drains” guide.