Summer is back in session, is your backyard ready?

As we continue to spend more time in our homes, we’re all making changes to our interior spaces to adapt to the needs of our new daily routine. With the arrival of summer and warm weather, there is also a call for change to our outdoor spaces.

No matter the size, there is an enchanting charm surrounding a well-designed backyard. They are an extension of our interior spaces and can be converted into a tranquil retreat to enjoy with the family or unwind after a hectic day. Below we highlight six ways you can transform your outdoor space into a lavish oasis to enjoy for years to come.

Plant a Garden

Whether you opt for low-maintenance herbs or a bountiful vegetable garden, adding plenty of foliage will bring your yard to life. Additionally, green spaces promote a healthy lifestyle in several ways. They offer your mind and body a place to relax and restore, enhance the ecosystem of your yard, promote activity through yard work, and offer a fresh source of produce.

Upgrade the Amenities

Nothing says summer quite like the splash of water. Keep cool by introducing a water feature, be it a pool, hot tub, fountain, or sprinkler system, adding wet elements invites fun and excitement the whole family can enjoy. If you’re looking to warm up your space on chilly summer nights a firepit or outdoor heater creates a cozy atmosphere. Other great amenities that will transform your backyard into the ultimate stay-cation include a wet bar, shaded cabana, small putting green or outdoor gym.

Invest in an Outdoor Drainage System

Outdoor drainage systems are crucial to preserving the integrity of your home and property and are an extremely important component of landscape design that is often overlooked. Outdoor drains will reduce water damage to your landscape home’s foundation and other structures in your yard, remove excess standing water leftover from storms, and prevent soil erosion. Infinity Drain’s Site Sizable linear drains are the perfect solution for outdoor installations and can be incorporated with pools, patios, outdoor showers, driveways and more.

Create a Designated Living Space

There are more options than ever when it comes to transforming your outdoor space into a “room” that suits the entire family’s needs. If you enjoy grilling and love eating outdoors, invest in an outdoor kitchen fit for food prep, cooking, refrigeration and cleaning. If lounging in the sun sounds more appealing, create an outdoor living room complete with a couch, coffee table and entertainment area. Keep in mind, before purchasing outdoor furniture, ensure all materials are waterproof, sun damage resistant and durable.

Accessorize and Decorate

Turn your deck into a dreamy destination with outdoor decor and accessories. Revitalize your space by adding pops of color through patio rugs, flower pots, and decorative pillows and lawn ornaments. Cover your deck or courtyard with tropical flowers and vines to bring the surrounding garden and landscape into your outdoor living area. Just like your interior space, your exterior space should reflect your personal style and character.

Light Up the Night

Enjoy your backyard getaway after the sun sets with ample outdoor lighting. Rather than opting for patio lights or small lanterns, set the mood with different illuminating options. Twinkle lights over a pergola paired with wall-mounted dimmable lights create a romantic atmosphere while solar power accent lights and task lighting add interest to your landscape. By combining a mix of lighting sources, you can turn your backyard into a magical place.

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