Remodeling a bathroom takes quite a bit of consideration, but the experience doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are a few main things to keep in mind before remodeling that will help you:

#1 Decide what layout you want.

The first thing to focus on is the layout of the bathroom and whether you want an “open concept bathroom” or a more traditional design. With an open concept design, you can make your bathroom experience feel more spa-like. This design allows you to enjoy the look and feel of the entire bathroom without any barriers. Whether it’s a shower with glass doors or even a shower that’s door-less, an open shower offers a roomier experience for your personal retreat.

#2 Let the light shine through.

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, leave nothing unconsidered. Things such as lighting sometimes go without much deliberation, but lighting should always be well-thought-out for any remodeling project. Plan for the kind of lighting you’d like early in the process, as it can dictate other features. If you think about it, we spend a lot of time pampering ourselves in the bathroom mirror, so lighting is critical. Maximize as much natural light as possible.

#3 Hire someone who can help with the big tasks.

Unless minor upgrades are the desired goal, hiring a contractor is a smart move as opposed to attempting a DIY project. There are numerous advantages to hiring a quality contractor, such as their knowledge of the latest technology and design options, in addition to being experts at finish and construction. These are professionals who know much more than you do. Let them help you.

#4 Let your bathroom breathe.

Ventilation is crucial. A quality fan installed in the right position can make or break a bathroom, no matter how gorgeous it looks. Needless to say, poor ventilation is also harmful to your health. So, consider ventilation as a top priority when planning your remodeled bathroom.

#5 Think ahead about your focal point.

The bathroom design is based on common sense as well as aesthetics, even though both go hand in hand. For instance, you can have the most attractive toilet in the history of bathrooms, but if it’s the first thing you see when the door to the bathroom is left open, your guests will see the toilet when they walk by. Not ideal. Instead, make the focal point your shower or vanity.

Embrace the process of remodeling your bathroom with insight, and it will be a rewarding experience. Hopefully, some of the items we presented here will help you enjoy the bathroom of your dreams (not to mention acquiring it without too much unnecessary stress).

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