In 2023, Infinity Drain marks 15 years in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry, and celebrates their roots as the pioneer of design-centric linear shower drains in the U.S. Although 15-years old, their innovative nature most likely stems from the fact that they have been in the industry for over 100 years, evolving from a family business that began in 1909.

Jonathan Brill, Infinity Drain’s founder and President, comes from a long legacy of innovators in the decorative hardware and plumbing industry. In 1909, Jonathan’s great grandfather, Samuel Stuchiner, established Simon’s Hardware which grew into the first decorative hardware store in the United States. Jonathan’s father, Phil Brill, joined the family business and then soon went on to open his own plumbing and hardware business, Phil Brill and Associates, in 1981. Joining his father’s business in 1996, Jonathan took over once his father retired in 2002. In 2008, Jonathan’s pioneering spirit led to the introduction of linear drains in the U.S. market and the official launch of the Infinity Drain brand.



Jonathan and Phil Brill garnered their first sale in 2008 with three employees in Port Washington, NY. Infinity Drain also introduced their Linear Tile-In Drain, the first Tile-In Drain in the U.S. market.


2009 – 2011












In 2009, Infinity Drain introduced their Site Sizable® Linear drain, giving installers the ability to modify drain length on-site for exact wall-to-wall installations. Marking another significant milestone, in 2011 the 5” center Tile-in drain was introduced, expanding their range of Tile-In drains.










After making significant inroads in the linear drain category, Infinity Drain introduced the groundbreaking FFAS 25 drain in 2012. At 25cm wide, this wedge wire grate was the slimmest drain of its kind, showcasing a sleek, cutting-edge style. Also, during this time, Infinity Drain continued to expand, relocating from a basement to a spacious 3,500-square-foot facility in Port Washington, NY and expanded its workforce to include six employees.











Infinity Drain transitioned to a sprawling 45,000-square-foot facility in Amityville, NY allowing for a significant expansion in its operational capacity. The company’s workforce experienced remarkable growth, reaching 41 employees and, by 2015, Infinity Drain proudly announced that their products are 100% Made in the U.S.A..
















In 2016, Infinity Drain introduced Custom Fabrication, allowing customers to personalize and tailor their drainage solutions to meet specific design preferences and installation requirements. Also this year, they added Satin Bronze to their list of designer finishes.



Following the success of their 5” center drains, in 2017, Infinity Drain launched their first collection of 4” center drains. Alongside this innovation, the company experienced workforce growth, reaching a total of 59 employees.










Recognized in 2019 with the 30 Most Innovative award by Beautiful Kitchens & Baths Magazine for their Matte Black finish, Infinity Drain continued their success with the launch of their Stainless Steel Shower Base.



In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Infinity Drain showcased their pledge to social responsibility and initiated Mission Belly Full – a program in collaboration with local organizations to provide meals to those in need. During this time, Infinity Drain’s Stainless Steel Shower Base was awarded a patent and received recognition and accolades, including awards from Architectural Products PIA, Architizer A+, Supply House Times Top 20 and was a Boutique Design Finalist. Their Slot Drain was also honored with multiple awards, including the MVP and Architizer A+. Infinity Drain also partnered with Schluter in 2020, developing drains with factory-applied Schluter-KERDI membrane fabric, as well as launched their Site Sizable® Low Profile drains and Universal Linear Drain, marking noteworthy additions to their product lineup.



Infinity Drain unveiled their Hair Maintenance Kit including their proprietary hair basket design, catering to enhanced functionality and maintenance, and rolled out their Next Day Custom Program—the first custom program of its kind to make perfect linear drain wall-to-wall installation a reality–without the wait. The new custom program quickly received recognition, winning the Supply House Times Top 20 award.



Moving into 2022, Infinity Drain’s Site Sizable® Low Profile drains earned recognition in the Qualified Remodelers’ Top 100 list, and the Site Sizable® Low Profile drain garnered a patent.



Continuing to offer design–forward products that meet the needs of Architects, Interior Designers and Installers alike, Infinity Drain’s latest offerings include a new Specialty Finish Collection, which has received Best of Product Awards from KBB Magazine, BLT and Architectural Products; the UCR2, allowing 4″ center drains to work seamlessly with Schluter®-KERDI drain bodies; and the expansion of the Center Drain Pro-Series to include a new 4” drain. The company also further enhanced their customer experience with the launch of a user-friendly product selector.


As Infinity Drain sets their sights on 2024, the company’s unwavering devotion to creativity will undoubtedly maintain their position as leaders in the decorative hardware and plumbing industry for years to come.


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