With our busy lives and hectic schedules, having your own personal refuge to relax and unwind from the day is essential – and what better room to focus on than the bathroom. Your space should evoke a feeling of calm and tranquility, helping you decompress in your own personal refuge, and a Zen style design is perfect for just that.

Referring to meditation, and a style that has become increasingly popular for interior designers, Zen design focuses on creating balance, harmony and feelings of relaxation through a minimalist approach.

Here are 4 easy ways to help create the ultimate Zen bathroom:


Use a Neutral Color Palette

Muted neutral colors, such as crisp white, cool gray and rich brown help create spaces that feel calm, inviting and clean. But don’t stop at paint color and tiles, you can continue this color palette effortlessly in your shower by incorporating Infinity Drain’s custom finish or tile insert drains, creating a cohesively stunning design.


Focus on the Flow of the Room

When creating a Zen bathroom, the floor plan should flow effortlessly, blending from one area to the next. Infinity Drain’s linear drains allow designers and homeowners to create dreamy wet room-like spaces allowing for easy transition, all while keeping dry areas of the bathroom water-free.


Add wood accents

Incorporating organic elements, such as wooden accessories or a bamboo-paneled shower evokes feelings of nature and calm, keeping your space neutral yet modern. And, with its high-moisture resistance, bamboo is the perfect addition to your Zen bathroom as it does not stick or swell like other woods.


Embrace Nature

Whether you have a bright, open window allowing you to gaze at the natural surroundings, or you bring in plants to adorn your bathroom walls, inviting organic greenery into your space creates a tranquil and peaceful vibe with minimal effort. Plus, the added benefits of plants’ environmental air purifying qualities create a healthy and relaxing environment.


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